How do I report someone I suspect is cheating?
If you suspect X-Raying or any offensive/suspicious activity (offensive symbols, item duping, etc.) then please submit a support ticket  or use /modreq in game so we can investigate.

Can we use high resolution textures packs and shader mods?
Yes, if your computer can handle it. Please realize that the incredible complexity of our metropolis is much more taxing for minecraft to render than most worlds. You will likely need lower quality settings compared to other servers.

Can I join the VAAST staff?
Yes, if you have the talent and commitment.

Do you take donations? 
Yes, please click here to help keep the servers running.

Any suggestion for better game performance?
Yes, using Optifine and decreasing video settings will help. See our HELP page for recommendations to help with lag and other game play performance issues.


More information on other aspects of VAAST servers:

  • Aftermath Help Page: Check out the HELP page.
  • Type /help, It’s the in-game FAQ that explains many aspects of the server!
  • You can also post in the subreddit too and the community will help you!