[Aftermath] Changelog from beta until now

Hello fellow survivors,

I’ve been a bit lazy with my changelog postings recently but I want to catch up on that now. The following changelog includes most of the changes (I’ve probably forgot a few along the way) from the beta until now. Some are super old, others fairly new. But all of them have been live for a while now. So there is nothing super new to see here.

I am however going to do some changes after this and post a new and fresh changelog soon.

Also check out the ” Tickets Need More Info” section. Maybe you’re able to help to close some of those tickets.

For any issues, feedback or suggestions please use our issue tracker at http://www.vaast.org/issues . If you think your base has been X-Rayed, you want to report a cheater or you have other problems that involve personal information (as example donation issues) please use http://www.vaast.org/tickets.

Here is the changelog:

12 Jan. 2015

  • Special mobs now drop a bit more XP.
  • Draugr don’t drop arrows anymore.
  • Slightly decreased the max. mob count per player.
  • Tried a fix for despawning animals. (Not sure if working)
  • Further tweaked farming. Now less chance for dead crops but also longer growth time.
  • Disabled initial 10 minutes bed timer. Beds now only have a cooldown of 1 minute after first death to prevent infinite respawn killing.
  • Bed plugin got improved quite a bit. No double messages and glitches with different bed “sides”.
  • Slightly decreased the rate at which melons and pumpkins “die”.
  • Slightly decreased the infection chance from eating raw meat.
  • Decreased overall chance to get infected.
Loot & Drops:
  • Loot chests finally give XP as intended.
  • Shears now work properly on leaves.
  • Changed the item for “Hell Raiser” due to a bug where it was possible to spawn mobs infinitely. Now a throwable bottle which spawns mobs on hit.
  • Fixed a bug where all special items with durability were repairable. All newly found special items should now say “Too expensive” when trying to repair.
  • Special Item “Chicken Nugget” removed from the game. The plugin that the item was dependent on doesn’t work anymore.
  • Made lapis and lapis blocks a lot more rare to prepare for a possible 1.8 switch.
  • Increased the chance for iron ingots in chests.
  • Increased the chance for Antibiotics & Appetite Suppressant and decreased the chance for all other narcotics in loot chests.
  • Decreased the chance for legendary, rare and uncommon items in loot chests.
  • Decreased the chance for high tier enchanted tools, armor and weapons.
  • Added a lot more books to the loot chests.
  • Fixed a bug that caused more good loot than it should be.
  • Resolved an glitch which made it possible to get infinite XP from chests.
World & Generator:
  • Increased both day and night durations. (Dusk and dawn still the same)
  • Storms and rain should be less common now.
  • Increased all ores underground to make mining more useful again. (Still not at vanilla values)
  • Decreased the Tickrate at which hoppers operate. They should be quicker now but could be potential for more lag. We want to test it.
Issues Resolved:

Here are all relevant issues that have been resolved. Most of those contain a short comment from me describing what changed.

Issues Need More Info:

Following tickets couldn’t be fully resolved and need more testing and intel from the playerbase. (Also read the comments, might be written what info is needed.)

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  1. May you guys please take off land claim because i’ve been playing on here for 2 years and it’s no fun that you can’t raid bases anymore cause of land claim. You see this nice base and then bam! Land claim is preventing you from raiding. It’s no fun every base has land claim on. So could you guys Please Please Please Please Please Take off land claim because the server would be 10x better. Thank You. You guys have a awesome server and i’ve been enjoyed it 2 years ago and i come back and there is land claim on. So please consider this. :'( Again thank you.

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