Server Rules


    1. No hacked clients / X-RAY / “player radar” mods.
    2. See Rule #1.
    3. No offensive and discriminatory books, signs, chat, Radio transmissions, or symbols (builds).

If you can see or detect other players or their nametags in any manner beyond what your in-game player can normally see or hear, you’re cheating. This includes minimaps which show player / hidden chest / ore locations / mob.

Seriously. We have tools in place to submit reports of suspected hacks, we log all activity, and we have active mods who will investigate. Cheating with hacks/x-rays of any kind will get you banned. Period.

Bans can last a season or be permanent for severe infractions or repeat offenders.

Approved Mods

  • Optifine: This will help you with the lagspikes and framerate performance.
  • Rei’s Minimap : A lovely little tool to help you find your way back to your last death, as well as save your home as a waypoint!
  • Armor Status Hud/ Status EffectHud: This one displays your armor rating and weapon rating as well as your status (poisoned, invis, etc).

Forbidden Mods

  • Anything which provides player or mob radar/locator
  • Anything which provides x-ray / visibility of ores / hidden chests

7 thoughts on “Server Rules”

  1. May you guys please take off land claim because i’ve been playing on here for 2 years and it’s no fun that you can’t raid bases anymore cause of land claim. You see this nice base and then bam! Land claim is preventing you from raiding. It’s no fun every base has land claim on. So could you guys Please Please Please Please Please Take off land claim because the server would be 10x better. Thank You. You guys have a awesome server and i’ve been enjoyed it 2 years ago and i come back and there is land claim on. So please consider this. :'( Again thank you.

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