Support our Servers

What we promise to our donators:

    • Proceeds: All the money will go to hosting costs, maintaining equipment and furthering software development.
    • Permanent Donator Status: Once you donate, you will get all the benefits of “Donator” status, no donation tiering, no “DonatorVIP++”, and no funny business.
    • Everything Counts: We ask a minimum of $1 simply because payment fees take up everything below that — in other words, while we’ll thank you for even just a single $1, it won’t go very far after the payment processors take their cut. But the more you donate, the longer we can sustain the servers and further game development.
    • In-game Donor Anonymity: Being a Donator will be indicated on the subreddit, and here on the website, but not in-game on the server. This is mostly because when you randomly run into someone, you can’t immediately judge them, a dynamic we don’t want to disturb.
    • Sneak Peek & Early Access: You will get a sneak peek into our development progress before anyone else (including beta testing), and also be able to comment on it before it goes live.
      • Banned players are still welcome to donate but may not receive the perks depending on their ban status.
    • Recognition: You will be added to the donator list here on the official website, showing your support.
    • Server Player Slots: a portion of available slots on each server are reserved for donators, to reduce chances of getting shut out of a full server.

This server isn’t about making money, it’s about creating a memorable and challenging experience that pushes the limits of Minecraft and human interaction.

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, and even Bitcoin!

Simply enter the amount you’d like to donate (in US dollars, which will be converted to whatever currency you choose during the payment process) and press the payment button to complete the checkout process. Not sure how much to donate? Look at how much time you enjoyed the server and compare it to other forms of entertainment you frequently pay for. If you have any issues with the donation process, please submit a support ticket.

Please, no refunds.