Game Killing CPU Spikes

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During gameplay, usually in a process-heavy moment; (E.g. Respawn, Nightfall when mobs spawn, or chunk load during exploration…) the game will lock up and release periodically, with lock-ups increasing in magnitude causing the server to quickly become unplayable.

Initially this sounds like a problem with my PC, or possibly internet connection. Understandably so.
This bug cannot be recreated in any other minecraft server, even when stress-testing the PC with shaders or other process-heavy tests.

Trying to investigate causes; I noticed that ping rate for your server is surprisingly high. Reaching 800+ms during these spikes before crash.
To remedy this; I lowered my chunk view distance. This helps, but the spikes still occur frequently.
Another test I tried was loading a graphics-heavy game and playing multiplayer on servers located far away, and during the game switching between processes to try and create a hiccup. Nothing. Servers resumed, and connection was not lost or even slowed.

I will continue testing for root causes, but I believe the bug is with your servers during a large loadout, like during a respawn.
Let me know if other users are having similar issues as well.

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  1. Technically, nothing we did should be able to alter how Minecraft handles client calculations, so my best bet is that your MC instance cannot handle the large number of big buildings. Have you tried to see if the issues go away in areas with fewer high buildings, like residential?

    1. As I said, lowering chunk rendering does help alleviate the issue. Yes, areas with fewer buildings reduce lag spikes, and CPU spikes.

      One key observation I’ve made so far; the spikes only occur when there are just one or two other players, or even when it is just myself. Times when there are several players on, I experience no issues at all!

  2. Just to add to this, I am having this same issue. It always happens just before a huge mob spawn, or when I’m starting to get surrounded. I didn’t have this issue in the closed beta.

    The only way I can deal with it is to quickly log off before I start getting swarmed and then relog.

    My computer is brand new, good performance and all new updates, so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’m running 8 chunks distance now, but it doesn’t seem to have an issue during 95% of the play, just when things start to get hairy and the game starts to stutter real bad.

  3. Checked over everything again.
    Yes, I have a 64x operating system, and yes my Java is the x64 version.

    For the record; I have not experienced this error in a couple days now. But I also have only been online when several others are online as well.

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