Longer Days and Nights

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I would just like to open a discussion about this. The server is great and the the gameplay is far beyond what I expected, but there’s one thing that just gets on my nerves is the Length of days and nights. For this server and the idea of survival in the city, scavenge during the day and fortify by night, it’s just that the days feel to quick and the nights are too easy to wait out. I never have enough time to scavenge thoroughly during the day, then it takes me all night to get back to my base and now I have to start scavenging while I have daylight again, it all just feels to fast and not enough patience involved. I don’t know if this is a ticket, Just wanted to start a discussion about “why”‘s and “why not”‘s.

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  1. Okay here’s a more detailed reasoning:

    – The days don’t allow enough time for thorough scavenging of larger buildings, getting your loot sorted and heading back to you hideout.

    – Nights are too easy to wait out, I feel like once night has started I just need to get a cup of coffee and it will be day again. Thus taking away the aspect of surviving the horde, which is embedded in this servers creation in my opinion.

    -Longer Days would provide players with enough time to scavenge an area and still do all the petty sorting and storing. Nights would require you to wait longer or fighter harder, thus food becomes more of a necessity.

    – Players would make more use out of their day and hunting for food would become even more intense.

    – But not to ruin the balance of the zombie spawning you would add a sort of “Half Spawn Rate” at Dawn and Dusk and then a “Full Spawn Rate” once it’s dark? Thus keeping balance in the game.

    – These are just my opinions from playing the game, Great Server, Great Ideas and Great Developers. Well Done team 🙂

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