Some mobs become un-hittable in combat

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Some enemies, zombies and skeletons seen so far, can sometimes become unhitable, so a player cannot damage them. This causes issues where a player cannot defend themselves and are forced to either flee, or die. Other players can come in and damage the mob saving the player. I have seen it happen 3 times to me, and once to surry. Surry has seen it happen multiple times to him and rabbors.

3 thoughts on “Some mobs become un-hittable in combat”

  1. More intel needed:

    – Is this still happening?
    – Were you infected when it happened? (Or better asked, did you have the weakness effect?)
    – What did you do when it happened?
    – What did you do before it happened?
    – Was your connection clear? (No latency issues)
    – Could it be possibly just lag?
    – And everything you think could help in finding the issue. I honestly don’t have any idea where it is coming from.

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