Here are some things unique to the server that you should know before starting, to help ensure you enjoy your attempts at survival in the Aftermath.

Realistic Chat

Chatting is “realistic”. That means people can only hear you when you are near. The chat will become garbled or won’t show up at all when you are too far away from someone. You can use exclamation points (!, !!, !!!) to yell. The more exclamation points you use, the farther your “voice” will travel.

Warning: this will cause your hunger bar to drain. You also might not necessarily want to attract attention to yourself.

Random Respawn

You will respawn in a random location if/when you die and have not slept in a bed yet. It might be a good idea to ensure your bed is hidden and isn’t sitting out in the open. Set your spawn by clicking on a bed, it will take 5 minutes. You do not have to wait in your bed or even be logged in for that time. If you die before that 5 minutes, you will respawn in a random location. If you die after that 5 minutes you will spawn at your bed.

When the 5 minutes has passed, you will receive a message in chat saying your spawn has been set. You’ll have to click on your bed to reset your spawn each time you die.

If the bed is broken or obstructed in any way, you will revert to respawning in a random location if you die.

Hint: Make sure you write down the coordinates to your base.

Friend or Foe?

Someone you meet may or may not be friendly. They may kill you on sight ‘just because’, whether or not they need your loot. At the end of the day, survival is the name of the game. Trust is earned.

In the meantime, hide yourself and your loot well, and it’s good to have a second loot stash or even base.

Mob Hordes

Mobs (monsters) spawn just about everywhere, so expect larger hordes and even special, unique mobs. To be absolutely safe, light up the area.

Loot Chests

Loot can be found in chests all over the map; in buildings, in yards, or hidden in the terrain. The old fashioned way of digging for resources still works but the ore has been heavily reduced. Scavenging buildings is your best option.

Hint: Different types of buildings may have different types of loot.

Situational Farming

Farming is impacted by location. Expect different crop yields based on where you are growing them.

Zombie Infection

Zombie may cause infection if they hit you. This can be fatal! To see how you are being impacted by the infection, look at your status via your inventory screen.


Antibiotics cure infection. Find them in chests. You can also wait out the infection… but it will require a lot of food.


Cellphones are a great way to communicate. You must have it equipped in your hand to use it, so be sure you are in a safe place. (It’s difficult to have a phone conversation in the middle of a zombie attack.)

To make a call, type the person’s full name in chat while you have the phone equipped. If they have a phone, are available, and feel like talking to you, they can hold their phone to establish the call. Switching to a different item will end the call.

Other Resources

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