Crafting the Lore

We all know what type of world we log into and we know how to survive its harsh living conditions. Have you ever found yourself wondering about the calamity that ravenged this world while staring at small wheat farm growing in your hole underground? Zombies are easy to explain to yourself, we all saw the movies. What mad science holds old bones together and gives it the lethal skills to utilize a bow though? Why does it hate their fleshy cousins and whose bones are those anyway? What mutation led to the giant spiders we fear during the dark of the night? Just what in the world are those explosive green creatures!? What events have led to the downfall of an entire civilization? A zombie virus alone is not enough to explain the entire world to you. You piece together what you can from the items and people around you but the puzzle is never completed. You have the corner pieces, the frame is there, but there is a large hole in the middle of the puzzle. You checked the box and the floor around you but those missing pieces seemingly have vanished into thin air. Eventually you realize the solution to the riddle. Those pieces don’t exist yet! It is my responsibly as a Scribe to create these missing pieces for the puzzle. I can choose how the pieces are cut, how many pieces there are, how they link together, and exactly what is inside each piece. There are couple paths that I see to complete this task.

I can choose the static path and the dynamic path to create the lore for the server. The static path means I create a backstory and set it in stone. I look at the lore that exists within the schematics, items, and gameplay elements and use only that to create the story. The players merely exist in this world and things don’t change from their actions. What I say is absolute and you all merely turn the pages to see what happens next. The lore would be like a book you read when you wish to learn more. This path is honestly the easier way to go about things but less fun to do. For example, I can say there was a weaponized virus invented by X Company for military purposes. Due to corporate espionage there was a leak into the public. A sample of the supply fell into the city’s water supply. The volatile virus adapted itself which each organism it came across and mutated it. This would explain how spiders and humans got affected by the same affliction. I can continue with this train of thought until we get a complete picture that tells you how the world ended up the way it did. I feel that this path goes against the main appeal of the server and doesn’t fit well with the puzzle. Eventually we conquer the zombie menace and start towns but the biggest threat is, and always will be, the other players. You never know who will attack, how powerful they will be, or how many allies they have? The community is split between helping others and destroying everything that remains. I am afraid of every player but I wish to help anyone I can because that is my play style. I love exploring the world, helping others, and just being a part of the happenings of the community.

I believe the lore should reflect the impact of the community so that is why I am going to take the dynamic path. Groups have been formed, backs have been stabbed, and towns have been destroyed off the face of this world only to be rebuilt once more. These events are what we remember most about our time here and we should acknowledge that with the lore. Groups such as the XAOC, Radio Z, Carrot Crew, Cable Company, and others will have their role in the lore. Major events such as The Fall of Radio Z, The Day When the Sky Fell, and others will impact the lore. I am going to write the lore the same way I write No Destination; it will be based upon true events but adapted to tell an epic tale. I am going to create it in such a way that leaves it open so future events and groups can also shape the story as well. Last season was filled to the brim with amazing stories and I look forward to see what this new season has in store. So even though I am the one who will be physically writing it down it is a story we will create together as a community. I’m also going to explain things such as portals, alternate dimensions, alien items, potions, and other Minecraft gameplay elements with the lore. We can’t just ignore the three headed elephant in the room can we? There are also the unique server gameplay elements that need to be investigated further. The world has come to an end but we are able to use cellphones. Considering how cellphones work, that’s pretty strange isn’t it?

Another major factor to creating this lore is the method of delivery. I could dump the lore into a Reddit post and say, “If you are interested, check the wiki.” That would be extremely boring and goes against what everyone else has been working at. All these buildings, loot, and whatnot is there to encourage exploration and adventure. I aim to tell the story in the same manner. You never know what will be inside a chest when you open it up. You may need just one piece of bread to make it through the night or maybe you are hoping for a sword to take care of incoming enemies? In these buildings you will find bits and pieces to the larger picture but they will also tell a small story of their own. These records of the past will tell the perspective of the world ending from the person who tells it. One perspective can only tell you so much and it will take a fully stocked library to understand even a part of what happened to the world. We are also able to use items to explain lore and an item’s unique use on the server. One of those items in particular will be my greatest tool. The book and quill changed the server when it was first introduced into Minecraft and it will continue to be a part of the community. I can adapt it to be anything I need it to be with nothing more than a page or two of words. It can be a pamphlet detailing a town meeting to discuss events long passed or a newspaper from years ago detailing major events from years ago. There are also a plethora of player written books that have been scattered among the world last season. The closed beta testers saw how player written books will play their part. Finding a book written by a player holds as much mystery as a loot chest in the basement of some building. Some people tell jokes, others make a journal, some detail past attacks, and one is a recipe book for cake. Never stop writing books everyone! Who knows what impact a simple journal will have on the lore of the server?! I also like to organize large community events and I already have some ideas on how to incorporate these events with the lore. My WAFL event was the most fun I had on the server and honestly the most thrilling event to happen to me in Minecraft. I can adjust the backstory and the event a bit to make it explain something of the world. I look forward to creating new ways to bring us all together as allies and as enemies.

My goal with the lore is to encourage players to explore and discover things beyond their holes in the ground. Curious players will hopefully collect all they can to piece together what is going on and what has happened. Even though the community will be a part of the process you won’t know how your contributions will affect the story. Mysteries you help create will be up to you to solve. I can’t wait to see how the community will go about this new season. What mob will kill you the most? What building will people favor? What groups will be made? These factors and others are what I want to consider when creating the lore. I have my ideas jotted down and I have general idea about what I want the big picture to be as well. The key component is the community, for the server and the lore. I can’t wait to craft this tale along with everyone! Thanks of taking the time out of your day to read this small insight into my process. I shall reward you readers with a small teaser of what is heading your way. A rumor of lore, but should you trust it? I’ll leave the interpretation up to you…  I have heard that the answers to the past lie beyond the city. The calamity is linked to this world but patient zero is not a resident of the metropolis. Two lines in the universe that was never intended to touch each other. Why did humanity send the rover named Curiosity to explore the red planet?

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  1. Thanks for taking your time writing this. I love adventures, part of what I loved about the original AFTERMATH was exploring and finding signs of civilization (other players) and what was left. I also love storytelling, so I cannot wait to uncover the mysteries of this world.

    It’s strange, I was reading up on Curiosity for a few hours just before I read this post. What an odd coincidence…

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