Open Beta Launch

…with a little “BUT”.

We got pretty much everything done except for permissions. So we can’t open for the public just yet. We will however launch the “Open” Beta in a “Closed” fashion for staff and donators only and then open the gates for everyone as soon as we got the permissions done (which will take about a day of work).

You will find the server under the following ip on Minecraft version 1.7.2 – 1.7.5:


Short and crisp the changelogs from closed beta and the newest changes:


04/19/2014 (Open Beta Launch)

  • Fixed mobs spawning in fully lit areas of a base (please note that zombies spawning in light while clearing builds from mobs is intended, however they shouldn’t spawn very close to a player).
  • Decreased number of Atomic Creepers.
  • Decreased number of Invisible Spiders.
  • Decreased number of Baby Zombies.
  • Mobs spawn in slower cycles now, means the mob limit per player is reached slower now.
  • Rewritten how damage & health buffs on mobs work. Instead of a plain addition to the mob, it’s now handled through mob gear(where possible) As example: Where before some zombies had a damage multiplier they now have a sword instead.
  • Made mob difficulty more progressive. This should help with respawning and dying over and over again until one is lucky enough to gear up quickly. However this also means that difficulty rises above the already known in certain situations.
  • Baby zombies do less damage.
  • New special mob: Draugr. A skeleton with a knockback axe.
  • New special mob: Fallen Hero. A fully diamond geared zombie with the head of a staffmember (Very rare).
  • Special mob Bloater removed as he isn’t working as intended.
  • Mobs don’t spawn in packs anymore.
  • Mobs that spawned during daytime now hit harder and die slower to compensate the “easy-mode” of daytime clearing compared to nighttime a little bit.

– Fixed mobs beeing able to spawn on slab and & stair blocks where they shouldn’t.

  • Decreased the chance to get infected by zombie hits.
  • Decreased the chance to get infected from eating raw meat.
  • Decreased the chance to get infected from eating zombie flesh.
  • After some minecraft update the hunger saturation of a player upon respawn is very low. As a countermeasure every player respawns with one piece of meat now.
  • Introduced massive farming nerfs. Crops & animals in general give less food now and grow slower. Farm effectiveness is affected by the location you farm in.
  • Antibiotics & Appetite Suppressant are not craftable anymore. Milk is still farmable though.
  • All special items(legendary,rare,narcotics,uncommon) work as described in the item info now.
  • Increased the amount of coal in loot chests.
  • Increased the amount of torches in loot chests.
  • Increased the amount of iron ingots in loot chests.
  • Slightly decreased the chance for a legendary(orange) item in loot chests.
  • Slightly decreased the chance for a rare(purple) item in loot chests.
  • Slightly decreased the chance for a uncommon(blue) item in loot chests.
  • Slightly increased the chance for a narcotics(green) item in loot chests.
  • Slightly increased the chance for a lore(teal) item in loot chests.
  • Other minor adjustments such as possible stacksizes for certain items in loot chests.
World & Generator:
  • Fixed world border.
  • Countless adjustments to building placement were made. Generator does a really good job on picking which build to place where now.
  • Building decay slightly changed. Now has chances to spawn grass patches with trees or flowers.
  • Even more builds were added.
  • Fixed ranged chat & cellphones
  • Fixed Bed setting errors
  • Tuned a lot of antiCheat checks (players mostly notice it through rubberbanding or not beeing able to hit something or other weird glitches.)
  • Disabled proximity block hider from Orebfuscator as it is unreliable for the time beeing and causes to many glitches.
  • Players, zombies, spiders, endermen, creeper & all animals spill blood now when hit by a sword, axe or pickaxe.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t break blocks while combat tagged.
  • Fixed all issues with deathmessages.
  • Deathmessages caused by PvP now include the name of the weapon that was used in the kill.
  • Plugin for checking the ping was taken out since minecraft isn’t able to ever show the correct ping to a server.
  • Plugin that breaks all leaves of a tree when all log blocks are gone was taken out since it has false dropchances for leaves and is outdated.
  • Firespread enabled for the time beeing. We want to see if disabling it is really neccessary.

Febuary 2014 (closed beta launch):

  • Map size will be 4000×4000 blocks.
  • Generator now does cityplaning instead of randomly placing buildings everywhere. (industrial, residential, highrise, etc. zones are a thing now.)
  • 200+ new schematics from our badass architect team. Massive variety, skyscrapers down to city parks and everything in-between. Huge amount of unique interiors to explore. (And we don’t plan to stop building yet.)
  • Nether and End worlds are disabled for closed beta because they aren’t done yet.
  • Improved sewers below the streets.
  • Basic subway system below highways.
  • About 80% of wooden doors in buildings are initially open now. A lot less door banging.
  • Massively improved building decay.
  • Due to the nature and state of the new Generator, there will be NO oceans on the whole world.
  • Increased mob difficulty beyond the vanilla “hard” setting.
  • A completely new & complex hostile mob spawning system to ensure better performance. We don’t rely on spawners anymore.
  • Added a lot of mob variations. (such as slow zombies that explode and poison everything in a certain radius upon death)
  • Reworked the infection feature. Now less annoying but still deadly in certain situations. Also harder to cure.
  • Food is harder to get. Overall aim is to make food the most valueable goods in the game.
  • Agriculture nerfed. Farming needs good conditions to yield a good amount of food.
  • You can now run out of seeds. Even with good conditions.
  • XP Grinders nerfed. A lot less mob spawners and not as clustered.
  • Mobs give less XP.
  • Opening loot chests reward you with XP.
  • Oredestribution nerfed. A lot less ores now.
  • Difficulty/reward scaling. The harder the build/area the better are your chances for good loot.
  • Completely reworked loot chests. There is a complex system behind the loot tables now.
  • Nearly everything can be found in loot chests now. Even “god gear”.
  • Added special items in four categories: Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Narcotics. All with uniqe stats/functions.
  • Certain types of buildings have better chances for certain kinds of loot. (IE: A factory building has better chances to provide redstone related items, hospitals have better chances for narcotics etc.)
  • Weapons, Tools and Armor can spawn in any condition.
  • Withers can’t be made by players anymore.
  • Withers will be part of events or special locations.
  • Fire Spread disabled. Still possible to burn items or single blocks, but fire won’t spread over to other blocks.
  • TNT & Gunpowder will be a lot harder to obtain.

Players are automatically shown as sneaking after a certain distance or when they are behind something, so now you’ll never see a nametag through stuff anymore. No more going around finding underground bases but no more sneaking in your own base, too.

Realistic Chat and Cellphones

Chat is limited by range, you can whisper by adding parantheses, yell by adding these !!!! (try different amounts) or just talk normally. If you are lucky you might even find a phone. Using a phone is easy, just say the name of the person you want to talk to (while holding the phone) and if they have a phone it will ring. You can even have conference calls with up to 10 people (only the caller can add additional people). Also the issue with interrupting calls is fixed.


Another item you will encounter are radios. Radios can pick up on radio broadcasts sent out by radio towers. If they’re strong enough you can even hone in on them.

Radio Towers

You’re probably wondering how to build a radio tower so you can spam the aether. Well, just put a redstone torch on the side an obsidian block, slap a sign with a message on another side and pile iron bars on top of it until you reach your desired signal strength (there is a minimum of 5 ironbars above the obsidian block). Turning off the torch turns off the signal(as example with a lever).


Since the server dynamics get more and more complex we decided that we need some kind of way to introduce new players to the server. We decided that a lobby, how most servers do it, doesn’t fit ours. So we came up with something we think will work great and not overload new players with informations. Most features will be explained as you play on. lets say you are new to the server and find a cellphone in a building. The lore of the item itself will contain informations about what exactly it is and how to use it (EXAMPLE). Of course we will still maintain the /help function for further information.


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