Season 8 beta now officially opened to the public

Hello folks, I am glad to announce that we reached the point where we can open the beta of AFTERMATH to anyone and everyone. The last severe issues have been resolved and the rest will follow in the future. We will also setup a EU beta server in the near future to allow more slots and give our european players a better experience. You can connect to the server under the following address on Minecraft versions 1.7.2 – 1.7.5:

You can read about the major changes to Season 8 of Aftermath, and here’s the latest changelog:


  • Changed how agriculture works due to a severe exploit. Crops now have vanilla drops but grow longer and have a higher chance to die overall.
  • Bed timer plugin was completely rewritten and now seems very stable. No issues discovered yet.
  • Looting now works on crops like vanilla.
  • Silk touch now works on book shelfs as intended.
  • Further decreased bone drops from skeletons.
  • Fixed a severe exploit with loot chests. For the time being, players are not able to place a normal chest next to a loot chest.
  • Slightly increased the chance for armor in loot chests.
  • Decreased the number of enchanted swords in loot chests.
  • Added “Cell Tower Base” Item to loot under “uncommon”(blue).
  • Added “Radio Transmitter” Item to loot under “uncommon”(blue).
  • Adjusted some special item descriptions. (Be advised: New items won’t stack with the old ones.)
  • Changed item type of “The Reaper” from “uncommon” to “rare”. Which basically means its a lot more rare now.
  • “The Reaper” now has a simple looting 5 enchantment instead of a hidden value for drops.
  • Decreased the looting level on gold hoes found in loot chests from 3 to 1.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t break blocks while combat tagged (again).
  • Mobs are no longer able to pickup gear from the ground. The whole mechanic was not very reliable as zombies didn’t drop picked up gear after death or just despawned with it.
  • Minor spelling fixes.
  • Updated the ingame /help. Still not perfect, but useable for now.
  • Some better colorcoding for server side messages to better distinguish between other messages or general chat.
  • Introduced cell towers. To call other players, both players now need to be in range of a celltower. Type “/help cell tower” in-game to learn more.
  • Increased the minimum ironbars count for radio and cell towers from 5 to 6.
  • Decreased the maximum ironbars count for radio and cell towers from 40 to 32.
  • Decreased the maximum transmitter range for radio towers from 4000 blocks to 3000 blocks.

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